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Posted 3 years ago by vadmin

With our new website, we have implemented a Free Agent System which allows users to sign up as Free Agents for specific tournaments. This allows users who are looking for a team to be invited by a those already registered for the tourney. To register as a Free Agent you simply click the "register as Free Agent" tab in the selected tournament and fellow gamers will be able to invite you to their team. There is a Free Agents section on the homepage as well as a Free Agents tab in each individual tournament where you can invite players.


To unregister as a Free Agent there are two ways to do so, the first is to go to the selected tournament, click the Free Agents tab, then click Unregister. The second way is to click the drop down menu in the top right corner and click FA Listings, and then Unregister there. I hope this gave you all a better understanding of our new Free Agent System, and hopefully it makes the process of finding a new player or team to play for.


If you have any questions about the new system, or any questions in general please contact us by submitting a ticket, or messaging us on twitter @Vortx_Gaming. Also if you have any recommendations, or suggestions for the site pleast let us know, it's greatly appreciated! We hope to make a great site for the gaming community, and wish to make the site as enjoyable as possible.


Thank You.


Posted 3 years ago by vadmin

VorTx Gaming would like to give you a warm welcome to our brand new website!

We are going to be hosting tournaments daily. They will consist of Paid and Free Entry. For the paid tournaments the payout will be 100%. For the Free Entry tournaments the prizes will vary from credits to actual money, or even both.

What we are trying to do is create a great atmosphere for you guys to play on. If you have any site suggestions or changes that you might want, please feel free to let us know.

We have implemented a Free Agent system that works per tournament. Those who sign up as a free agent for that specific tournament are able to be picked up by any team. We hope this will be better for "single riders" in the event of wanting to play, but not having a team.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please create a ticket and we will get back to you.


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